Secretariat is responsible to coordinate overall implementation of the projects, plans and policies of the HRTMCC. INSEC has been hosting theƂ  secretariat of HRTMCC since its inception in 2003.

Responsibilities of the Secretariat:

  • The decision will be made for the change or shift of the Secretariat on the General Assembly of HRTMCC.
  • The secretariat will facilitate in overall report collection, documentation of human rights violations, training, report preparation, and issuing joint statements on human rights violation.
  • Dealing donor/partner organisations of the project.
  • Conducting meetings with the committees for specific purpose of the treaty report.
  • Preparing terms of references and holding meetings of the network partners for finalisation of the shadow/alternative report.
  • Collecting the grassroots information on human rights and supplying them to the concerned committees.
  • The secretariat will be the coordinator for the fact finding visits.
  • Preparation of the progress report in every six months and report to the funding agencies as well as to the committee coordinators.
  • Other tasks on behalf of HRTMCC and for the benefit of HRTMCC as per the necessity.