Membership Guidelines

Human Rights Treaty Monitoring Coordination Centre (HRTMCC) 2012

To be the member of HRTMCC, the applicant member organization should fulfill following requirements:-

  1. Registered, rooted and operating as an NGO in Nepal,
  2. Have open democratic working systems, gender parity, consultative problem solving, non- iscrimination
  3. Maintain/prepare an annual/activity report and audited financial statements,
  4. Non profit and not partition, foster justice and equity and promote human rights,
  5. Have a fair wage structure, with a credible scale between highest and lowest paid worker,
  6. Share information among members and within program areas and set up necessary mechanisms to gather and exchange experiences, 
  7. Ensure the highest levels of accountability, 
  8. Directly involved in the UN human rights treaty system, 
  9. Applicant organization should be referred by two organizations of respective committee. If there are less than two members in one committee then Executive  Committee can directly decide for the membership if appropriate,
  10. The objectives of applicant organization should be similar with respective committee objectives, 
  11. The membership confirmation will be issued by the Executive Committee of HRTMCC, 
  12. The applicant organization should submit their registered constitution copy, District Development Committee registration copy, District Administration Office copy and other relevant documents with the application form, 
  13. In case of CRC committee, the committee can keep the registered child club, child groups and any other institution as observer member. 

Click here to Download the HRTMCC Membership Application Form